My research interest spans a wide range of areas, including mobile data management, location-based services, spatio-temporal database, and privacy-aware computing. My publication list can be found here.

Funded External Projects as Principle Investigator:

  • 海量数据查询中的双向隐私保护机制研究 (项目负责人:国家自然科学基金面上项目,61572413,2016-2019,¥630,000)
  • Incognito Browsing of Spatial-Temporal Data Using Computational Private Information Retrieval (PI: RGC/GRF, 12200914, 2015-2017, HK$ 692,894)
  • Hybrid Geofencing Systems for Elderly and Child Care (PI: ITF/ITSP Tier 2, ITS/231/13FX, 2014-2016, HK$ $2,378,200)


  • Spatio-Temporal Attestation for Location-based Services Using Private Signatures (PI: RGC/GRF, HKBU210612, 2012-2016, HK$ 690,000)
  • Privacy-Conscious Query Authentication for Outsourced and Cloud Databases (PI: RGC/GRF, HKBU 210811, 2011-2013, HK$ 792,500)