Data Privacy

The wide adoption of big data and data science technologies requires extensive collection of data from individuals and businesses. The research of data privacy is to design and deploy privacy-preserving data collection technologies, including but not limited to, (local) differentially privacy, secure multiparty computation, data anonymization, to enforce transparent privacy protection required by data privacy legislations such as GDPR and CCPA. The main challenge is to address the balance between privacy and utility, i.e., good quality of service.

Selected Publications:

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Externally Funded Projects:

  • Protecting Metadata Privacy for Mobile Crowdsensing Using Oblivious RAM (RGC/GRF, 15238116, 2017-2020, HK$ 482,605)
  • Privacy-Preserving Mobile User Behavior Statistics Collection (Huawei Innovation Research Program, 2017-2018, US$ 30,000)
  • Privacy Preservation Techniques for Query Processing in Big Data 大数据查询处理的隐私保护技术 (Co-PI: Joint Funds of National Natural Science Foundation of China (Key Program) 国家自然科学基金联合基金重点支持项目合作单位负责人, U1636205, 2017-2020, CNY 2,520,000, PI: Prof. Zhou Shuigeng)
  • Mutual Privacy Protection on Private Queries over Large-Scale Private Data 海量数据查询中的双向隐私保护机制研究 (National Natural Science Foundation of China 国家自然科学基金面上项目, 61572413, 2016-2019, CNY 630,000)
  • Incognito Browsing of Spatial-Temporal Data Using Computational Private Information Retrieval (RGC/GRF, 12200914, 2014-2017, HK$ 692,894)


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  • J. Xu and H. Hu. “A System and Method for Providing Proximity Information.” US Patent No. 9,351,116 B2, May 2016.