(New!) Multiple PhD students, research assistants, and postdocs wanted

I have openings for 2+ PhD students (2023 in-take), 4+ research assistants/postdoc researchers (immediately available) in the field of machine learning, data security and privacy, and blockchain (new!). The detailed requirements of PhD applicants are as follows: Bachelor or Master degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or Information Engineering in well-known universities. Preferences are given…

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Three Papers Accepted in IEEE Transactions

Our papers “SPMAC: Scalable Prefix Verifiable Message Authentication Code for Internet of Things”, “Adaptive Video Streaming with Automatic Quality-of-Experience Optimization”, and “ReFlat: A Robust Access Pattern Hiding Solution for General Cloud Query Processing Based on K-Isomorphism and Hardware Enclave” have been accepted for publish in IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management (TNSM), IEEE Transactions…

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